An old design of mine that I’m bringing back to my shop.  Reminds me of the dreamcatchers I used to make in elementary school which I, of course, hung over my bed.  I… Continue reading

Moonstone VINEYARD Earrings

This is my favorite bead combo so far–rainbow moonstone and green iris glass.  They both make flashes of light!  The iridescent glass sparkles on the outside, and the moonstone flashes little hints of… Continue reading


Here they are in the shop.  These earrings remind me of a (rather long untended) summer garden.  This is only the second year of my adult life that I get to have a… Continue reading

A Few More Designs in the Shop

A new design, named “Morning Storm,” and some new bead options in the shop.

Conclusion on Silver Plated Wire

About a year ago, I set out to find a silver plated wire that was worth making jewelry with.  Anyone who’s ever bought fashion jewelry knows how disappointing silver and gold plated pieces… Continue reading


I took everything I learned from selling my work in the last year, both online and off, and have re-styled how I do things and re-opened my shop.  I’m offering three styles of… Continue reading

Champagne Fringe Necklace

It’s entirely made of metal and glass, but reminds me of soft fringe… maybe it’s the warm colors?  Perfect for fall.  The copper wire is colored with smokey brown enamel, and the beads… Continue reading

Champagne Briolette Earrings

I love the beautiful, smokey champagne color of these beads.  They look like crystal, but are just glass–the difference being that crystal is brightened with lead.  But these have all the class, and… Continue reading

Autumn Amber Earrings

I can smell wet leaves and a smokey bonfire when I look at these.  Made with enameled copper wire in smokey brown, and glass beads in brown and amber.

Summer Memories Earrings

I thought about sparklers and swimming when I made these.  Made with colored copper wire and glass beads.